Wednesday, May 11, 2011



Tuesday, April 5, 2011


something goes wrong again, Yeah,I had been sick one month twice. im confusing why i kept caught fever,sore throat and cough even i drink 2000ml perday,sometimes more than 2000ml. Isit not enough?Had Been PMC in the midnight. Doctor asked me sleep 8hours perday. hell,pills killing me softly! I'm fears to take pills,Not the nice taste wey!Maybe my body resistance was very weak, I need some exercise and nutrition. Okay,I temporary lost 2kg!i couldn't guarantee it will maintain until after the sickness gone!I'm food-addicted but Can't eat delicious foods now,how suffer! ;(

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


爱本来就是说不清楚不明白的怪东西 爱又是一个不讲理的东西。你付出了未必得到,没有付出却垂手可得。


Friday, March 25, 2011

Okay, some of my friends knew that idk how to make up at all even put an eyeliner sometimes i felt like im such a loser being a girl cause don't know how to make up even basic once. i'm telling myself no way keep going like this.Alright, i'm having make up leasson.the basic once, day make up and dinner make up. I was like after i learn all of it then i no need makes trouble to my mummy or others, I can make it by myself,how proud. haha. I don't like heavy make up. picture show : this was the 1st lesson, nothing special. sorry,face rounded;( black and white. doesn't see anything but second lesson make up does really nice! will be practise back. will show it again *winks*
third lesson, it's quite heavy liner. my mistaken;( Not the effect i want.tsk tsk!how sad,something failure.
p/s: sorry above three pictures doesn't really clear. Will post it up next next and next lesson once.

bye ;)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

as normal. been genting again! LOL i knew there's nothing but quite relax if feel like resting.
yo,here we go some camwhore.
spotlight shining behind me!i can't see a thing yet i feel you walking my way.LMAO
not cigarrete kay?it's french fries.

my bro:)look alike?

yoo, I my me mine. starbucks time. Don't ask me who's him?guess by urself:)

Monday, March 14, 2011

朋友 你的情绪化让我们觉得你很难懂 这样一来 我们真的会很累
你一直认为朋友应该融入你的世界 你应该尝试去融入他们的世界 什么是朋友?朋友就是就算有段时间没见面 不常联络 聚在一起也不会有尴尬的场面 说不完的话题
缘分停停留留 一生知己能有几人 唯有珍惜和付出 记得我常常告诉你 社会是现实的 你对别人好 自己开心就好 付出不需要求回报
友情是一辈子的事情 只要是真心相待 哪怕距离再远 时间相隔再久 我们永远都是你的朋友
朋友是不需要彼此的解释 我们也不希望看脸色而活 大家都很关心你 就因为你的心病耽误了许多事情
想说 是不是该检讨检讨了呢?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

男人多情而长情 女人专情而绝情




XOXO they gave surprise

my schoolmate gave me a surprise. A belated celebrated,Yet im touching!!;P
Okay i know they planned to help me celebrated but i don't think they will bought me
a cake,one of my best best friend do it for me! no words that i could describe,they just so gorgeous!! :) now i feelin' like im officially 17yo now.times flies like a G6! i hope everythings stay in the sweet moments,memories would never been forget.
Let's pictures do a talk:

I used to sing out loud until i lost my voice,HAHA!!
Ohyea,17candles means officially 17yo right?sexay seventeen alright!xoxo
the cherry!like this pic,but my expression doesn't really match with background.LMAO
blow the condles.
make a wish.may i share with you guys?
1st,i wish he love me more than i love him, never changed!
2nd, get a excellence result in SPM
3nd, healthy and friendship forever!winks**
ops, too many wishes?no idea,im greedy.

ii loves her
i know him since primary, we knew each other have been 7years
hey cecelia,thanks to you,love yea and keep in touch always
the girls.
NAH,here come some cam-whore

power flash.face getting rounded

THE END peeps.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hello 0305 ;

okay,most of my friends knew 0305 was my bornday,many people might asked how did i celebrated my birthday.i seriously don't know what to blog about my birthday, it seriously nothing special.Simple but gorgeous,atleast wonderful. Will gonna post up the present soon;)
Should thanks to my lovely momma born me out on the day! How much she's pretty great that she born a perfect YEANNE. Never forget to thanks all of my dearest friends who are wishing me alright! =D ciao peeps.